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Saturday, 12 Jul 2014
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Organizations strive continuously to keep pace with the dynamic business environment in order to ensure opportunity optimization and risk minimization leading to business success and profitable results. MTI Market Research offers a range of customized solutions, geared to support strategic decision making, within the following areas:
  • Market Dynamics
  • Feasibility Research
  • Competitor Dynamics
  • Environment Diagnosis
  • Market Entry Studies
  • Trends Measurement



Companies constantly attempt to keep track of the various dynamics of the Industry in which they operate, to safeguard current positions, seize imminent opportunities and avoid approaching risks. In ensuring productiveness of organizations to the above, MTI Market Research provides their clients with robust solutions customized as per requirement, in the following areas:
  • Industry Drivers Analysis
  • Trends Measurement
  • Competitor Benchmark
  • Supply Dynamics
  • Category Dynamics
  • Scenario Forecasting



As the focus point of any business, be it B2C or B2B, understanding one's customer/consumer in terms of their needs, expectations, satisfaction and behaviour is vital for the success of any organization. Through extensive expertise across a wide range of industries, our Solutions in the below listed areas are designed to provide in-depth insights about your consumers' lives or your customers' businesses. 
  • Usage & Awareness
  • Perceptions & Behaviour
  • Purchase Dynamics
  • Needs & Satisfaction
  • Consumer Trends
  • Lifestyle Analytics



Constantly aligning products/services, their attributes, features and activation to what the market demands is increasingly becoming critical in most industries. MTI Market Research solutions in the following areas are intended towards assisting our clients to realize their business objectives through ensuring a market driven portfolio
  • Product Development
  • Pricing Dynamics
  • Promotion Planning
  • Testing & Evaluation
  • Placement Analytics
  • Launch & Evaluation



With the proliferation of brands and the media clutter in today's business world, organizations are persistently striving to differentiate their brand. Understanding how one's brand is percieved in the minds of the customer and overall stakeholders is important towards its continuous improvement & progression in the market. MTI Market Research offers a range of customized solutions, to meet the above needs of our clients, within the following areas:
  • Launch & Evaluation
  • Loyalty Measurement
  • MarCom Planning
  • Testing & Evaluation
  • Brand Performance
  • Positioning & Targeting



In many Industries, channels play a significant role in the overall business performance and always offer more than just a transfer of products/services. MTI Market Research provides robust solutions in the following areas, which are customized and designed to ensure channel optimization for our clients' businesses through comprehensive measurement & analytics
  • Channel Performance
  • Distribution Analytics
  • Retail Performance
  • MarCom Planning
  • Trends Measurement
  • Partner Satisfaction